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Travel is the movement of people between distant geographical locations or places.

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We would not have made it to Jamaica if weren’t for you! Amazing service and communication. 10/10, def recommend!
Booking a trip with Art N Soul Escapes was so convenient, from our flights to our all-inclusive resort, things were taken into consideration that we, as amateur travelers, would never have considered. (Layovers, flights, resort location, etc.) Thank you for helping us get started on our traveling journey! I’m ready for my next trip.
Jania R.
(Los Angeles, CA)

I just returned from Dubai with Art N Soul. It was a vacation of a lifetime!!!!! I love that everything was planned and coordinated from the time I stepped on the plane in ATL until I returned 7days later. This was one of my bucket list trips and I was able to see everything I wanted to and more. Hotel location and amenities were also awesome. I have used Art N Soul in the past and I will continue to use them in the years to come!!! They are a great travel agency!!!

Tammi P.
(Atlanta, GA.)

When booking with Art N Soul, the years of experience shows. The attention to details, traveling accommodations, location of our lodging, etc… I can just relax and know I’m in store for a great experience!!

Della R.
(Atlanta, GA.)

Ms. LaShawnia Stinson provided expedient service and was very knowledgeable about resort accommodations. She was very accommodating ensuring that I received travel accommodations desired….She was very supportive and I appreciated all of her assistance.

Mia T.
(Atlanta, GA.)

Nicole is EXCEPTIONAL, there is no other word to explain her and her work ethic! Her calm spirit and ability to maneuver when things on my end didn’t go as planned was just impeccable! She assisted me with a trip to Dubai for not only my 30th birthday but 14 other individuals from the states and one that lives in Dubai! We had the best of everything from Flight to rooms to excursions ! I will use her a million times over and can’t wait for my next trip! Thank you so much Nicole you are a true angel!

Whitney P.
(Atlanta, GA.)

There’s only a few things that command more respect than hard work, integrity, dedication and the ability to follow through. These are among the many attributes we experienced from start to finish when booking our trip to Brazil with Nicole. This travel agent is an excellent listener and pays attention to detail; a lost quality in today’s world.

Don G.
(Atlanta, GA.)

Initially, my husband and I were invited on this trip by another couple who bailed out on us unexpectedly which left us stuck with the trip. Nicole made EVERYTHING absolutely WORTH IT. She provided immediate responses to numerous questions and concerns prior to departure. (I know I bombarded her with concerns) haha. Nicole made everything quite simple for us…all we had to do was get to the airport. We had one mishap with one of our excursions. I notified Nicole and she quickly contacted the company and hopefully the vendor will be removed from the vendor we list. It was our last excursion before we left to return home. We used that time to relax and enjoy the beach and beach bars. My husband and I can’t wait to plan our next getaway vacation with her.

(Dublin, GA.)


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